Samsung’s pushing forward with its plan to use an in-display fingerprint scanner on its next flagship.

In a patent filing, we see the technology laid out in a blueprint. The Galaxy S10 should have a small module behind the lower portion of its edge-to-edge screen. where the user would place their finger for authentication.

The in-display fingerprint scanner should replace physical alternatives in the coming years, but it needs to prove speed and reliability. Users don’t want a slow, finicky fingerprint scanner.

By the way, it’s unlikely that Samsung will ditch facial recognition. The Galaxy S10 should allow authentication to take place through password/passcode, fingerprint, and appearance. There’s just something more appealing about biometric methods that are leading to innovation.

Here’s an illustration of the patent in use:

As for its layout, there doesn’t seem to be a difference between this implementation and what other hardware manufacturers offered so far. Samsung will create a designated area on the display that responds to touch and analyzes a fingerprint.

Expect to see the Galaxy S10 make its global debut in early 2019. Samsung might introduce it during CES in January, but it’s more likely we see this flagship at MWC in February or a standalone event in March. Until the Galaxy S9 goes official, we’ll be on the lookout for additional rumors and reports.