The Galaxy S9 was just introduced last month, but Samsung is already hard at work in developing its successor, the Galaxy S10. A new report from The Bell sheds light on a key feature Samsung is said to be developing to include in its flagship due out early next year.

According to The Bell, Samsung has enlisted the services of two companies to develop a 3D facial recognition system similar to the iPhone X's Face ID. The companies in question are Israeli startup Mantis Vision and camera firm Namuga.

The 3D facial recognition system is being developed to be introduced with the Galaxy S10 in early 2019. It would mark a big step forward for Samsung's facial recognition biometric sensor. A stripped down 2D version of facial recognition along with an iris scanner is offered with the current slate of Samsung devices, but it isn't very secure. Tests have shown it can be easily fooled with a simple picture.

Developing the new 3D facial recognition system would put Samsung on par with Apple. Last year, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated Apple's Face ID system was two and a half years ahead of the Android competition. If Samsung manages to successfully create its own version, it would cut down that time to about year and a half. That would be quite a feat.

Adding a new feature like 3D facial recognition would also go a long way in building up hype for the Galaxy S10. Currently, excitement for the Galaxy S9 is tepid at best given it's just a refined version of the S8.

If Samsung manages to develop its own Face ID system, it'll be interesting to see how the user experience is compared to Apple's.