Earlier this week, we gave you a look at what could potentially be the Galaxy S10. Now, another render has been created that further solidifies Samsung’s upcoming device as the one to watch in 2019.

Even if you don’t own or like Samsung phones, you have to admit the latest concept from Ben Geskin looks impressive. Unlike the majority of Android devices, the concept imagines Samsung’s smartphone equipped with a full-screen display and no notch. Essentially, the display takes up the entirety of the device.

Samsung’s solution to the notch problem may be to include a tiny display cutout for the front-facing camera. It’s similar to the approach from Essential, but the concept displays a more elegant execution from Samsung. You hardly notice the front-facing camera is there.

According to a recent Bloomberg report, the Galaxy S10 may feature a fingerprint sensor under the display and a front-facing camera that is “visible and tucked under the screen.” If true, then we already have a candidate for the best smartphone of 2019.

And, honestly, if Samsung can pull it off, the Korean giant will give iPhone owners real pause. As exciting as the next iPhone sounds with a smaller notch and more advanced Face ID, the Galaxy S10 sounds even better. Samsung announced the Galaxy S9 in March of this year, which means we shouldn’t be far off from seeing if the Galaxy S10 is the real deal.