Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S9 a couple months ago, but attention is already turning to the Galaxy 10 and what kind of innovation the Korean giant will implement in its next generation flagship. Details are non-existent about what this device will look like, but our imagination is a wonderful tool.

A stunning concept of the Galaxy S10 from Concept Creator is bringing to life the device we want Samsung to release in 2019.

Concept Creator kept things ultra simple with the concept. Samsung may not try to reinvent the wheel with its next flagship; instead, it may make the best possible device for its customers with impressive upgrades. This concept provides just that.

The design is very similar to the Galaxy S9, with some key improvements. Up front lives a stunning 6.3-inch Super AMOLED display that occupies even more of the front due to reduced bezels. It’s almost indiscernible, but it makes a difference. Best of all, unlike past concepts, this one does not incorporate the dreaded notch that’s become a fad for Android manufacturers.

Moving to the back, the camera is still vertically placed at the top center. Looking at the pictures of it, you may be asking yourself, where is the fingerprint scanner? It has moved to the display. Talk has filtered over the past couple months out that Samsung is trying to accomplish this breakthrough in technology in its next flagship. Concept Creator is assuming this happens, and to be honest, so are we.

Some other improvements the concept imagines include Frosted Glass, textured Bixby button (that’s hopefully customizable) Dex 3.0 wireless charging and the return of the headphone jack.

Overall, this is a strong concept. It’s not too outlandish that it will never happen. In fact, it might closely resemble what Samsung unveils with the Galaxy S10 next year.