Samsung might pull the trigger on 5G connectivity for its next flagship due out in early 2019.

While previous rumors and reports have suggested otherwise, XDA Developers says the Galaxy S10 will leverage the next-generation technology. The software update for existing Galaxy devices that contains Android 9.0 Pie has been obtained, revealing information about what’s in the pipeline. It turns out the Galaxy S10, known internally as Beyond, gets mentioned several times.

The build lists a few variants that have Qualcomm and Exynos chips. But, more interestingly, these models feature 5G in addition to LTE. Both technologies will be necessary on the Galaxy S10 as LTE isn’t expected to disappear anytime soon.

Because of how many variants are listed, it seems like Samsung could unveil three models in total. The Galaxy S10+, however, will likely be alone in offering 5G support in select markets.

Here’s what the leaked Pie build from Samsung shows:

Globally, 5G-enabled hardware should arrive very soon. The flexibility between hardware manufacturers and carriers in Asia will benefit the Galaxy S10+. Samsung could easily roll out the Galaxy S10+ on a 5G network in South Korea and then have additional carriers welcome it shortly after.

As was the case for LTE, 5G should gain traction in Asia and the rest of the world while the U.S. adoption lags behind. It’s due to scale, diversity, and competition.

In the U.S., the Galaxy S10+ would experience some limitations. The major U.S. carriers aren’t expected to have 5G networks nationwide for quite a bit. Yet there will be some cities in which the technology is live and accessible. Depending on where you live in the U.S., you may or may not be able to purchase Samsung’s Galaxy S10+.

Samsung already announced advanced memory technology, based on the 10-nanometer processor, that’s prepared for 5G connectivity and artificial intelligence.

The Galaxy S10 should go official in late March or early February; however, we have no reliable information that tells us when to expect Samsung’s 2019 flagship.