Samsung will take the stage at a global press event on March 14 to show the world something special. We're all expecting the firm to unveil the Galaxy S IV with plenty of first-class hardware, and a new rumor that just surfaced on Friday suggests that the company will add a new type of AMOLED panel with "floating touch" technology.

Technically, that's supposed to mean it will know when your finger is floating above the display. We've seen similar tech in Samsung's Wacom-based devices, such as the Note II and Galaxy Note tablets, where you can hover the S Pen above the screen to preview videos, emails, and other media using "Air View" without actually touching the display at all.

SamMobile said the screens will also use a new  "green PHOLED" technology that is 25 percent more power efficient than earlier AMOLED screens used by Samsung. That essentially means it will consume less power and, hopefully, lead to longer battery life.

These are all rumors right now but we wouldn't be too surprised to see Samsung embed Air View in the Galaxy S IV. We'll find out for sure on March 14.