A fresh batch of photos that are allegedly snapshots of the Galaxy S IV Duos — a version of the phone that will apparently offer similar hardware — were leaked early Monday. There’s a bit of speculation that these pictures could just be prototypes of the Galaxy S IV, but the photos originated from a random forum user and we’re really skeptical about their legitimacy.

The phone looks way too similar to the Galaxy S III that it’s hard to even feign excitement over them. Basically what we’re looking at is a slightly larger Galaxy S III that’s also just a hair smaller than the Galaxy Note II and with a slightly tweaked home button. The camera flash was also moved to a new position on the back.

We can’t imagine that Samsung would keep the design so similar to last year’s model, so our guess is that these really are pictures of an early prototype but possibly with the faster hardware that we’re expecting inside — if they aren’t just photoshopped pictures of existing phones in the first place.

Hopefully we’ll see something much more fresh on Thursday.