Galaxy S III Jelly Bean

If you live in Canada and you're the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S III, then you have an early Christmas present on its way. Samsung has announced that its Android 4.1 Jelly Bean upgrade will be rolling out in Canada from Monday, December 3.

"Jelly Bean starts rolling out to GALAXY S III owners over-the-air Monday," Samsung Canada announced via its official Twitter account. It also teased "more Jelly Bean announcements soon!" — so we're excited to see what those will be.

Samsung did not mention any carriers in its announcement, so it's unclear which handsets will actually receive the update on December 3, unfortunately. Of course, some users will have to wait a little while longer while the software goes through the customary carrier testing phase. But hopefully, everyone will receive it before we're pining our 2013 calendars on the wall.

With regards to the handset's predecessor, the Galaxy S II, and the original Galaxy Note, Samsung Canada says it's still waiting to hear when those updates will be arriving.

Are you looking forward to getting Jelly Bean on your Galaxy S III?

[Via: Android Central]