If you live in the U.K. and were hoping to get a Pebble Blue Galaxy S III on launch day, it appears that you may be out of luck.

It seems that just about every place that is going to be carrying the Samsung Galaxy S III is reporting shortages and "out of stock" on the Pebble Blue version of the new flagship phone.  According to AndroidCentral, all of the carriers are listing the blue version is out of stock, and retailers such as CarphoneWarehouse and HardTec are saying the phone is just not to be had.  Even Tescos is getting in on this shortage, but has the closest thing to an official statement as its site as it has the following message:

Please note: we have been advised by Samsung that stock of the Samsung Galaxy S III in Blue has been delayed. We will despatch your pre-order as soon as stock is available.

For those of you who pre-ordered the white version, you appear to be in luck and there are no mentions of a delay on that color choice.

No one has offered up a reason as to why the Pebble Blue is impacted, but this feels an awful lot like the white iPhone 4 debacle of a couple years ago.

[via AndroidCentral]