FCC GS3 Sprint and Verizon

It looks like all four of the major U.S. carriers will be receiving the Galaxy S III according to new FCC filings.

We've already seen the T-Mobile Galaxy S III, and it's known that AT&T is also receiving the device, but what about Sprint and Verizon?  Things have been quiet on the Now Network and Big Red's intentions as nothing has really been heard since some test photos leaked last month, but thanks to the FCC, we now have update on both of them.

According to the FCC filings, Verizon will be carrying the model number of SCH-I535 which will have support for its CDMA band, EV-DO and LTE, as well as GSM and EDGE support on 850MHz and 1900MHz bands for global roaming.  Sorry folks, no 3G support should you decide to take your phone with you overseas.  As for Sprint, it's model number will SPH-L710 and will carry similar support minus the international bands.

Sadly no information comes with this of when we can expect to see the handsets actually in stores, but it shouldn't be much longer now.

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