Samsung already said many of the Galaxy S4's software flourishes will arrive on the Galaxy S III, and a freshly leaked build of Android 4.2.2 hints the additions are imminent. The firmware is currently in the testing phase, according to SamMobile, so kinks are still being worked out. However, the software does offer plenty of clues about what S III owners can expect when it finally hits.

The most immediate difference is found in the lock screen, where users can set multiple widgets, new effects and even set a customizable message. Have a great day! might be one you'd set. Beyond the lock screen, the build adds user interface tweaks for a more fluid experience, including a really neat two finger swipe down that reveals the S III's quick toggle menu. There's also tabbed settings, mirroring the look of the S4.

Additionally, the update includes features such as Driving Mode, Smart Switch Widget, updated S Voice and new screen modes. There are plenty of little touches that makes last year's Galaxy S III seem more up to speed with its newer brother. When Samsung formally announced the S4, a lot of emphasis was put on features, and it's nice to see some of them trickling down to older devices.

Right now it's unclear when carriers will push the build out, so a release timeframe is still up for question. To our eyes, SamMobile's demo video shows what looks to be a perfectly serviceable build, so hopefully it'll hit sooner rather than later.