We recently received a Samsung Galaxy Round from the kind folks at Negri Electronics. It’s the first phone to hit the market with a curved screen, though LG recently announced the G Flex which offers a similar design. In this video we unbox the Galaxy Round, which itself is a rare handset that’s only being sold unlocked internationally, though you may find it on a carrier in South Korea.

Samsung’s Galaxy Round doesn’t sacrifice on specs. It packs the aforementioned and large 5.7-inch Super Flexible AMOLED screen. It’s curved, of course, though the idea is that flexible screens should offer more durability than flat screens that crack when flexed (not that you can actually bend the phone). Additionally, it offers a 2.3GHz quad-core processor, a 13-megapixel camera, support for LTE-Advanced networks, a 2-megapixel front-facing camera, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and a 2,800mAh battery.

Unfortunately, the Galaxy Round doesn’t yet have a future on U.S. carriers. Some reports have suggested that Samsung is just testing the waters in South Korea first, to see if consumers have any interest in such a device, though we’re not ruling out the possibility that such a device could land in the U.S. at some point.

If you’re wondering what we think of the curved screen, how it looks in person and what’s included in the box, be sure to check out our unboxing video above and be sure to explore the gallery below.

Thanks to Negri Electronics for providing us with the Galaxy Round.

Samsung Galaxy Round Gallery