Samsung Galaxy Round - product

Samsung's Galaxy Round won't launch outside South Korea and even there inventory will be extremely limited, SamMobile reports, citing an inside source who claims the device was simply a prototype meant to test the company's flexible AMOLED displays out in the public. So it looks like most of us will never get our hands on the Galaxy Round, though hopefully Samsung will follow up its extremely limited release with an improved version.

Last week, Samsung made good on its promise and unveiled the world's first smartphone with a flexible display. The Galaxy Round didn't seem particularly special, and it turned out to simply be a curved version of the Galaxy Note 3 that lacks an S Pen. Even still, we had some hopes of giving it a whirl. TechnoBuffalo reached out to Samsung for comment on whether this is true, though a representative was not immediately available for comment.

There's still hope for a wider release of a curved smartphone this year though, thanks to LG, which promised to release a 6-inch device next month. Following today's news, we can't help but wonder if LG's mysterious handset— which leaked earlier this week—might also be billed as a limited-edition public prototype.