Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note III, which we're expecting to be announced next week, could be out as early as Sept. 27. According to Chinese website ePrice, the device will go up for pre-order on Sept. 16 and come out the week after; the release will give Samsung about three weeks to prepare for what we assume will be an enormous worldwide rollout. Earlier unconfirmed reports claimed Samsung was targeting a Sept. release for the Note III, so this latest rumor further reflects that.

It's unclear where the information is coming from, so it's best not to mark your calendars just yet. But once Samsung does announce the device on Sept. 4, we're not expecting very much time to elapse until the device is made available—ePrice's intel could very well be accurate, or it could be completely false. Chances are the Note III will see a simultaneous rollout around the globe, but the Sept. 27 date could be for a specific region. It's difficult to say.

Adding more weight to an end of Sept. launch is the fact that Apple also has a flagship—or two, depending on your view—rumored to be launching the same month. Especially with Apple really going after specific markets with its iPhone 5C, and adding more colors to its high end iPhone 5S, the Note III will have a lot to contend with. Sept. 27 may very well be one of the biggest days in mobile this year.