Even Samsung's strong and powerful Galaxy Note II is vulnerable to quirky lock screen flaws. But this one is rather tame compared to what Apple's iPhone is experiencing. According to a new report, the exploit is pretty easy to execute, though the phone isn't completely vulnerable after its security has been breached.

As you can see in the video below, all one would need to do is go into Emergency Call, In Case of Emergency Contacts, and simply press the Note II's home button. That device's home screen will quickly flash (for about a second), allowing prying eyes to see behind the curtain.

In that quick second, it is possible to launch apps, but they quickly fade into the background once the actual lock screen comes back up—not particularly threatening. However, quick dial contacts can be called during that second, so there's a potential risk there.

Chances are nothing of significance will arise from this small flaw, but it's there in Android 4.1.2, which is present on most Note II units that have been have upgraded. Just be cautious, and always keep your phone in a safe place.