A police sergeant in Thailand was reportedly saved from a potentially deadly gunshot, all thanks to protection offered by a Galaxy Note II sitting in his pocket. The Samsung phablet caught the bullet, slowing it down so that it only slightly injured Sergeant Police Major General Sophon Thonglorm, according to Thai Visa News.

The incident took place on Monday when Sophon confronted a suspect and bullets began to fly. One bullet caught the police sergeant on the left side of his waist, where his Galaxy Note II took the bulk of the damage. The phone was completely ruined, but Samsung has already offered to replace it with a brand new Galaxy S6.

Images of the lifesaving phone and the story surrounding it reportedly went viral in Thailand, though we were unable to find any photos from the incident. Sophon’s friends even referred to the device as a “Luangpor Samsung,” a reference to a type of sacred amulet in Thai culture. It wasn’t long before Samsung heard the story, and offered to bring him to Bangkok to receive a new smartphone.

Sophon quickly accepted the offer, though he hasn’t yet made the trip to Bangkok.

“I am happy that Samsung will give me a new phone,” he told Thai Visa. “I’ve shared this good news with my wife. Normally, I carry my phone at the left waist. It was my luck that the bullet happened to hit the phone. I fell down and shot back at the guy.”

Maybe the Galaxy S6 with its metal and glass design can stand up to bullets as well as the plastic Galaxy Note II.