A new ad from Samsung for the Galaxy Note II has hit the airwaves, showing off the device's multi-window chops, and how that ultimately translates to better productivity. Everything is on point from the Korean company: You've got your note-taking, videos, multi-tasking and, of course, the company's infatuation with transferring files over NFC. (This time, no sexual innuendos to be seen.)

While the ad is really good, and shows off exactly what makes the Note II such a flagship device, Samsung might make a stronger point if the two employees, who are presumably at work, were somewhere else? Away from a computer that they probably watch earnings reports on all day, you know?

Maybe if they were out to lunch, away from a computer, people would better understand that, "Hey, this phone is a multi-tasking powerhouse. I get it." That's just me. What Samsung is really trying to get across, is that the Note II should be considered in the workplace, and it certainly succeeds.