Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge shares a fair bit of DNA with the Note 4, both internally and externally. But the Edge differs in one very obvious way: the right side of the screen gracefully slopes down, giving the device some unique and exciting functionality. If you’re intent on picking up one of these Samsung devices in the coming weeks, maybe a quick peruse through our gallery will help influence your decision.

The design of both handsets is pretty exceptional—the Note 4 feels strong and looks fantastic, while the Edge looks like something from the future. Of course, the Edge is a little more awkward since the display is curved on the right side. When held in your right hand, it’s difficult to interact with that second screen, and some of your hand actually covers the display up. The power button has also been displaced to the top since there’s nowhere to put it on the curved screen side.

Enough talk. Sometimes it’s just better to admire the beauty of technology. If you’re in the market for a big phone, the Note Edge is definitely something worth considering. We haven’t spent nearly enough time with the device to determine whether that second screen is actually useful (or pure gimmick), but it sure looks awesome.

We’ll have plenty more Note Edge coverage coming up, so stay tuned.