Samsung just unveiled the Galaxy Note Edge, a totally new type of smartphone that uses curved AMOLED to add a second smaller screen for showing notifications and quick info. I wasn’t really sure what to make of the futuristic device, but after spending some hands on time with the Edge it quickly won me over.

The Galaxy Note Edge is basically just the Note 4 with one big difference: the right side of the display slopes down at the end to add an extra bit of screen real estate you wouldn’t normally have. Samsung lets you customize that space with a variety of difference widgets ranging from weather to sports scores to a list of trending topics on Twitter. There’s even a simple matching memory game that you can play along the edge of your phone. Switching between different widgets is as simple as swiping left along the side of the phone. You can pick and choose between different screens in a special new settings menu, and Samsung expects other developers to get onboard in the near future.

The entire thing actually works surprisingly well, though perhaps you have to actually see it for yourself to believe it. Either way I’m excited to see how developers take advantage of the new screen space. My only real complaint is that although the phone’s two screens sit right next to each other there’s no way for them to really interact. I’d love to be able to fling a full app to the side and have it instantly transform into a widget, but for now that’s just not an option.

Besides that one small problem the Galaxy Note Edge seems like a solid phone, especially if you’re already familiar with Samsung’s heavily modified TouchWiz version of Android. It offers pretty much the same exact experience as the newly-announced Note 4 when it comes to specs, though the Quad HD is slightly smaller at 5.6 inches, and comes with the same built-in S Pen stylus. The battery is also slightly smaller at 3000mAh. The design is also very similar to the Note 4’s—despite that one obvious difference—with a metal ring around the edges of the device and removable plastic back.

We’re definitely looking forward to spending even more time with the Galaxy Note Edge, and we’ll have more in depth coverage of Samsung’s new smartphone as soon as possible. In the meantime you can check out even more photos of the multi-sided handset side-by-side with the company’s flagship Galaxy Note 4. Enjoy!