The Galaxy Note Edge already makes a pretty bold statement thanks to its curved display, but one new variant promises to turn even more heads. A gold-plated version of the device leaked online today, though as far as we can tell this isn’t an official option Samsung plans to offer.

Instead, the gold-ringed Galaxy Note Edge comes from a Vietnamese reseller, meaning it could be hard to track one down once it launches. There’s also the question of price. The Edge already costs $400 on-contract, and all that gold doesn’t come cheap.

The gold-on-black Note Edge pictured above looks pretty great, with highlights around the rear camera, home button and front-facing speaker. Unfortunately, we still have no idea when or where it will actually be available, though in the meantime you can always pick up the regular device.

We’ll let you know if this gold version ever hits the market, but you might want to start saving up now.