The Android market is stronger than it has ever been. The bad news is choosing just one device is a difficult task. Arguably two of the best phones available right now are the Galaxy Note 9 and OnePlus 6, the latter of which is a beautiful combination of design, software, and price.

When we reviewed the OnePlus 6, we praised the device’s elegance and emphasis on user experience. It’s a device you’d never guess is only $529, especially when inferior phones retail for hundreds of dollars more.

To really see if the OnePlus 6 can be the very best, we compared its camera with that of the Galaxy Note 9. As you’d expect, Samsung’s device takes images that are more pleasing to the eye, but the difference isn’t that drastic.

When the OnePlus 6 was released this summer, the device came equipped with a dual-camera system with a main sensor that was nearly 20 percent larger than last year, with optical stabilization for improved low light performance.

The dual-camera setup features a 16-megapixel main sensor and a 20-megapixel secondary sensor, allowing for features like Portrait Mode.

The Galaxy Note 9 also features a dual-camera system that’s pretty much identical to what’s found in the Galaxy S9 Plus. That means you get a wide-angle lens and a dual aperture, allowing the device to utilize two different f-stops.

Both the Galaxy Note 9 and OnePlus 6 operate quickly and offer a plethora of additional features. But extra features are moot if a phone doesn’t take good pictures. You can check out the gallery above to see how the devices fared when taking similar photos around our office.