We could see Samsung’s second flagship of the year launched and released earlier than any of its predecessors. The custom OLED panel, which is in development by the company’s display-making division, for the Galaxy Note 9 is on track to be completed months ahead of schedule. It’s likely one of the few components tailored for the phone, so getting the display out of the way moves the process along significantly.

The Galaxy Note 9 will reportedly be released as early as July or August, according to the Korea Herald. Samsung normally introduces new Galaxy Note devices in August with release dates following in September. If the company does roll out the Galaxy Note 9 well before the summer’s over, Samsung could have a jump on Apple’s next iPhone.

Samsung could also be going even bigger for the display. Last year’s Galaxy Note 8 shipped with a 6.32-inch screen, and the Galaxy Note 9 might up that to 6.38 inches. There are still conflicting reports about an in-display fingerprint scanner, though.

Apple, meanwhile, should launch a trio of new iPhone models in September. The company hasn’t shown any interest in moving up the launch. In 2017, the Galaxy Note 8 debuted weeks ahead of the iPhone X but ended up getting lost behind Apple’s product. Samsung would like to be faster this time.

While it’d be interesting to see the next flagship from Samsung hit the market in a month like July when there’s generally nothing major happening, it seems way too early. The Galaxy S9, the company’s current flagship, would only be available for four months at that point. Samsung typically enjoys milking sales for as long as possible and then introducing a new high-end phone closer to the fall and holidays.