Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 might be several weeks from debuting, but you can get your first look at the flagship right now.

Even though there isn’t anything remarkable to discover in this leak, we get to see the Galaxy Note 9 from the front. The press render, which was obtained by Android Headlines, shows a very familiar appearance. With much of the more advanced technology being held for next year’s lineup, the Galaxy Note 9 doesn’t separate itself much from its recent predecessors.

Here’s the latest Galaxy Note 9 leak:

Between the Infinity Display and its ultra-thin bezels, there’s no doubt this a Galaxy-branded phone. The top bezel has a bunch of lenses and sensors as well as the earpiece. Meanwhile, the bottom bezel is empty. Just don’t expect an in-display fingerprint scanner down there.

The Bixby button isn’t going anywhere by the way. Samsung’s digital assistant still has a physical presence on this high-end phone through a dedicated button on the left side. Many people have complained about the lack of customization for this button, but Samsung doesn’t want to give up on Bixby.

If anything, the overall size of the Galaxy Note 9 could be tweaked slightly. But this really does resemble the Galaxy Note 8. So it might be a less ambitious product coming from Samsung.

When the flagship is official, Samsung will be going right up against Apple to keep their rivalry alive. The Galaxy Note 9 is scheduled to be announced on August 9. Some weeks later, the newest iPhone models will be introduced in early September. So it’ll be another showdown between the top two companies in the mobile industry to finish the year.