Samsung might introduce its next flagship in a variety of colors unlike anything we’ve seen before.

The Galaxy Note 9, according to insider Ice Universe, will be sold in a shade of purple that includes a gold S Pen. Normally, Samsung makes Galaxy Note phones and their styluses the same color. But the insider’s alleged promotional image reveals how this two-tone finish would bring some excitement to what could be an otherwise unsurprising product. Samsung also teased this color combination a few weeks ago.

Despite this leak being more about the color than anything else, there’s interest in what’s going on elsewhere. The Galaxy Note 9, based on what we see here, will have a dual-camera setup with a fingerprint scanner positioned below. It’s a layout that matches Samsung’s last high-end phone, the Galaxy S9+.

Also, don’t be concerned about losing the headphone jack. Ice Universe shows us the cutout is there. It’s next to a USB-C port, speaker grille, and S Pen slot.

Expect to see beastly specifications on the inside. And it’ll all be wrapped in metal and glass. Samsung is using premium materials and components to justify the high price tag.

So when will Samsung make an announcement? That’ll be in just a few weeks. There’s a launch event scheduled for August 9 in New York City. Samsung will bring media outlets from around the world to the Barclays Center and live-stream the global debut for millions of viewers worldwide.