The latest flagship from Samsung is a lot like last year's, so that has many concerned the Galaxy Note 9 won't be a bold and groundbreaking product. But there's one thing that might just make it stand out. Samsung could ship its second high-end phone of 2018 with an in-display fingerprint scanner. The technology is starting to appear in new hardware, though there hasn't been a mainstream brand rolling it out just yet.

While the feature has been rumored and dismissed several times already, there's a new report suggesting the Galaxy Note 9 will indeed ship with an in-display fingerprint scanner.

Most of the company's flagships have their concepts finalized five months ahead of launching, but this year will be a little different.

Samsung is reportedly deciding between several implementations. The final decision should come this month, which means we're likely to find out soon whether or not this is actually happening. Since the company develops displays, it has the ability to choose one implementation and refine the technology leading up to mass production prior to the release date.

Here's what a person familiar with the product's development told the Korea Herald:

"Samsung Display has prepared three or four solutions for Samsung Electronics to embed the fingerprint sensor inside of the main display, and both are seriously considering one of the solutions."

Assuming the technology does debut on the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung is likely to receive a ton of praise. In recent years, the company has been criticized for placing the fingerprint scanner in an awkward position next to the camera. That had to happen when Samsung introduced the Infinity Display with on-screen navigation keys.

In 2018, the Galaxy S9 makes things slightly better by having the fingerprint scanner below the camera. Consumers, however, still want a better location. And there would be no better spot than up front and integrated into the display.

The Galaxy Note 9 is expected to launch this summer, so there's plenty of time for plans to change. Don't be surprised if something miraculously shelves the in-display fingerprint scanner yet again.