One of the big upgrades expected to feature in the Galaxy Note 9, aside from updated specs, is an in-display fingerprint scanner. The technology is more than just a proof of concept and looks primed to go mainstream, with some Chinese manufacturers already introducing devices with the technology front and center.

Unfortunately, a new rumor claims Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 9 won't feature an in-display fingerprint sensor, and will apparently "not change much."

UniverseIce broke the news on Twitter, saying in addition to the lack of an in-display fingerprint sensor, Samsung won't bestow the device with advanced 3D face-scanning technology. It's likely we'll see Samsung use the same face-scanning and iris-scanning combination we saw in the Galaxy S9.

UniverseIce also shared a render of what he alleges the Galaxy Note 9 will look like. The device looks nearly identical to the current Galaxy Note 8, with the same 6.3-inch display and S Pen support.

Hearing that the Galaxy Note 9 won't feature an in-display fingerprint sensor is hugely disappointing, and might make the device a hard pass for many Samsung fans. The Galaxy S9 already felt like a major retread for the company—albeit, a wonderful retread—and the Note 9 sounds like it'll be similar.

However, UniverseIce also claims the Note 9 won't be devoid of meaningful features. "Note9's UX design and interactive experience are worth the wait," UniverseIce says on Twitter. "Maybe we can call it 'Crown UX.'" That pairs nicely with another report from Evan Blass.

With that being said, the news makes us more excited for the Galaxy S10, which we're hoping will make some big changes. We'll wait and see what the Galaxy Note 9 has to offer when it's announced this fall.