With less than a month to go before Samsung officially unveils the Galaxy Note 9, numerous leaks have revealed the device from all angles. In fact, we got a glimpse earlier today of what appears to be marketing material for the device, with a sleek purple and gold color scheme on display.

Now, thanks to Concept Creator, we have an even better look at Samsung’s upcoming flagship. (Note: Concept Creator developed the Note 9 concept based on leaks, not any official intel.)

Although the device in the above video is merely a concept, it looks like a pretty accurate representation of what Samsung will unveil. You have the horizontally-oriented dual-camera setup, a more rectangular fingerprint sensor, and a beautiful edge-to-edge display (with no notch).

I’m a little worried by the size of the fingerprint sensor, but seeing as the Note 9 isn’t even official, it’s unfair to start judging the device. What we do know is that the Note 9 will look pretty similar to the Note 8, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

When Samsung does officially unveil the Note 9, the device will reportedly feature a more advanced S Pen with support for Bluetooth, more powerful internal specs, and a revamped UX. We’ll find out more when Samsung takes the stage at an event on August 9.