Samsung is looking to announce a second 2018 flagship this summer, and the leaks are already stealing some thunder. The Galaxy Note 9 just can’t stay out of the news. Everything from the in-display fingerprint scanner to the battery has been reported on recently.

By the time it’s official, we’ll already know a lot about the Galaxy Note 9. One mobile industry insider took to Twitter to reveal the codename for the upcoming high-end phone, which should tell us a wave of leaks is inbound.

The Galaxy Note 9, according to Evan Blass, is known internally as “Crown.” It’s the codename Samsung and its employees are using when referring to the phone prior to its release this summer. While codenames are normally used to keep something secret, the insiders typically find a way to expose them.

Assuming the information is accurate (and there’s no reason to think otherwise), it turns out the leaked codenames from earlier this year is correct. That would mean Samsung is indeed planning to release additional mobile devices like the Galaxy S9 Active and Galaxy Tab S4. From the list, there were a number of unannounced phones and tablets with the Galaxy Note 9 headlining.

During previous years, Samsung introduced its latest release from the Galaxy Note series in August or September. In 2018, things could change dramatically. The company might announce the Galaxy Note 9 as early as July and release it that same month or in August.

Plans are always changing, so don’t be surprised if the Galaxy Note 9 ends up shipping without an in-display fingerprint scanner or debuts around the same time as last year’s model.