Your phone should keep up with you, but often that doesn’t happen because its battery life isn’t all that great. Samsung, though, will soon release a new flagship that includes a massive battery.

There’s a new teaser for the Galaxy Note 9 that reminds you how desperate we get when running out of juice. In the video, Samsung shows someone frantically doing everything to extend battery life. Everything from dimming the display to closing apps to turning off Wi-Fi and GPS is done. None of it helps, and this person ends up missing a very important meeting.

If he or she had the high-end phone Samsung will announce in August, all would’ve been fine. The Galaxy Note 9 is expected to have a 4000mAh battery despite its slim profile. From the video, it seems “power will no longer be a problem” on this phone.

Samsung says it’ll reveal two more teasers for the Galaxy Note 9 over the weekend.

We’re almost at the official launch. The Galaxy Note 9 will make its global debut on Thursday, August 9. Technobuffalo, of course, will be there to see what exactly Samsung does with its latest flagship. So stay tuned for live coverage.