We may have just caught our first glimpse at the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 by way of a render that has surfaced online. We know what you’re thinking: it looks an awful lot like a Galaxy S8 with a dual-camera — and we agree, which is why we’re dubious about its authenticity.

That said, recent leaks and rumors all point towards the Galaxy Note 8 being a slightly larger version of the Galaxy S8 Plus, equipped with an Infinity Display on the front, a dual-camera on the rear, a fingerprint scanner embedded in the screen and, of course, a detachable S Pen.

Samsung’s also redesigned the Bixby button

According to the source of the render, Samsung has also slightly redesigned the physical Bixby button on the Galaxy Note 8, in an effort to prevent people from mistakenly pressing it when adjusting the volume level, which has been a common complaint from Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus owners.