Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 may be eight months old, but it is still one of the best Android devices you can buy right now and it can be yours today with a massive discount. Verizon is offering a huge discount on the flagship when purchased through Best Buy, with a total savings of $450.

Sounds pretty great right? Here’s how the deal breaks down. Verizon sells the Note 8 for $986, which is mighty expensive. But it is offering a $300 discount in the form of month credits of $12.50 for 24 months thorough the Verizon Device Payments finance program. However, if you go through Best Buy, the brick and mortar outlet is offering an additional $150 discount, upping the savings to total of $450.

In total, you’ll end up paying $20.25 over the course of 24 months totalling in $486 for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

That means you’ll be paying under $500 for one of the best devices on the market.

Best Buy nor Verizon have stated how long the deal will last, so you better jump on it quickly.