Samsung will bundle a complimentary transparent protective cover in the box of the upcoming Galaxy Note 8, according to a new report published by ETNews. The case will also be sold separately for around 25,000 won ($22).

By shipping its next flagship with a case, the South Korean company can prevent third-party accessory makers from hiding its branding, while pleasing customers at the same time — because who wouldn't be happy with a free case?

Don't expect any state of the art protection, though. The cover, which is reportedly constructed from acrylic, has been designed to primarily prevent the Galaxy Note 8 from being scratched, so it probably won't hold up against any major knocks and bumps.

Now for the bad news: Sources familiar with Samsung's plans claim that the case won't come with the handset in Europe, Russia and the United States (sigh!). In other words, the promotion will be available exclusively in China and South Korea.