The Galaxy Note 8 isn’t due to make its debut until Aug. 23, but that isn’t stopping Samsung from getting people hyped for it already.

While Apple will not say a word about a new device until its full unveiling, Samsung is dropping cryptic hints about what we can expect from the Galaxy Note 8. A video released on Monday shows a series of words with an S Pen then spearing it so it can be replaced with an updated word. I.E. the word “think” is replaced with “do.”

The video is certainly light on details, but it does seem to indicate that we will see an even bigger emphasis placed on the stylus for the Galaxy Note 8. The S Pen has been a defining feature of the Galaxy Note series along with its increased screen size, but as the size of the display becomes more standard, a pivot to the stylus makes sense.

We’ll learn on Aug. 23 what all Samsung has in store for us with the Galaxy Note 8, and we can’t wait to learn all the tricks it has up its sleeve.