Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 launches next week and, in advance of its release, Samsung is starting to provide some of the more granular details on what the new smartphone offers. It recently published information on a new version of Knox, Samsung’s mobile security platform.

Samsung said Knox 2.7, which ships with the Galaxy Note 7, features a new “Call Flow Protection” function that “vastly [enhances] core kernel security.” Samsung explained that it’s designed specifically to thwart Jump-Orientted Programming attacks, which are used when a hacker tries to gain entrance into a system by “[trying] to interrupt processing” of applications in order to sneak in.

Knox 2.7 also takes advantage of features we already know about, like the iris scanner, which Samsung is more accurate than using a fingerprint reader. The iris scanner can also be used to unlock a new encrypted folder, another feature of Knox 2.7.

These are just a few of the compelling new features in Knox 2.7, hit the source for a deeper dive.