The Galaxy Note 7 recall is a huge, expensive setback for Samsung. Not only will it cost the company about $1 billion to replace all those phones, but it could mean fewer sales even after the recall is finished. Now it turns out the company may have a clever plan to promote the Galaxy Note 7 starting next month.

The Korea Herald reports that Samsung purposefully held back specific color options in major markets, planning to release them later this year. For example, the all-black Galaxy Note 7 wasn’t available at launch in Korea, but it will allegedly arrive in the country next month. The recall should be sorted out by then.

Samsung never released the gold-colored Galaxy Note 7 in the U.S., though it’s unclear if the company plans to offer that variant in the country as soon as next month. Similarly, the silver version still isn’t available in China, and the blue version allegedly won’t be offered in India at launch.

This isn’t the first time Samsung will roll-out different color options over the course of a few months, but for the Galaxy Note 7 it might make a big difference. Then again, it’s possible the company could need something better than another color to help boost sales after this disastrous recall. Maybe it should consider bringing the China-exclusive Note 7 with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage to other markets as well.