Dual-cameras are becoming more and more popular, it seems. HTC, LG and Huawei have all done it, just to name a few companies, and Apple is rumored to introduce a similar function in its iPhone 7 Plus. A fresh rumor suggests that Samsung, too, will offer two cameras on the Galaxy Note 7 Edge.

The source of the report is a site named Zol that I’ve never heard of, but it cites “Taiwan media reports” as noting that the Galaxy Note 7 Edge will pack “dual cameras.” It also reiterates earlier reports suggesting that Samsung will skip the Galaxy Note 6 moniker altogether, instead opting to move the phone right to the “7” series, matching up with the Galaxy S7 and, of course, probably the iPhone 7. The report doesn’t say what Samsung will use the dual lenses for, though, in the past, firms have employed them to adjust the focus in post-editing to improving picture quality.

The Galaxy Note 7 Edge is expected later this summer.