A group of Galaxy Note 7 adopters in South Korean have vowed to continue fighting Samsung in court after they were allegedly accused of making false claims about the failed smartphone. They claim that Samsung called them “frauds” when they first reported their Note 7 problems.

Samsung has been doing all it can to sweep the whole Note 7 fiasco under the rug since it recalled all units and ceased production last October. It seems the vast majority of Galaxy fans are willing to forgive and forget, but some can’t let it go that easily.

A group of five Note 7 adopters in South Korean claim that they were accused of making false claims about the device when it first became apparent that it was prone to overheating. Employees at Samsung service centers allegedly called then “frauds” and refused to help.

Samsung has now admitted that two battery faults were to blame for the explosions, and it has taken steps to ensure that it won’t happen with future devices. But the group aren’t prepared to drop their suit.

“The situation is favorable for the plaintiffs as it turns out that the Note 7 fires and explosions were caused by faulty batteries,” said an official from Harvest Law Office, a Seoul-based law firm representing the consumers, in a statement to The Investor.

“The consumers decided to take legal action as Samsung had tried to pass the buck to consumers for the fire and explosion cases of the recalled devices, refusing to offer a sincere personal apology.”

Samsung is also facing other lawsuits from consumers in South Korea and abroad regarding the Note 7’s issues. Many are demanding compensation for property that was damaged as a result of the handset bursting into flames.