A Southwest Airlines airplane was evacuated before takeoff at the Louisville Metro Airport after a replacement copy of the Galaxy Note 7 started smoking and burned through the carpet. All passengers exited safely and the flight was canceled.

Brian Green, the owner of the Galaxy Note 7 in question confirmed to The Verge that it was a replacement version of the device picked up from an AT&T store on September 21. A picture of the back of the device’s packaging shows the filled-in black square used by Samsung to identify replacement units. Green added that it also featured the special new green battery icon, which is used as a visual indication on the phone to show that it is a replacement, and therefore “safe” model.

The device was apparently powered down and in Green’s pocket where it started to smoke. He quickly dropped it on the floor where he says the phone began to spew”thick grey-green angry smoke.” The Galaxy Note 7 reportedly burned through the carpet and damaged the plane’s subfloor, according to a colleague of Green’s who got back on the plane to grab a personal item.

The Louisville Fire Department is currently in possession of the Galaxy Note 7 as part of its investigation. Green told The Verge that he already replaced the device with an iPhone 7.

The news is particularly troubling since Samsung’s replacement Galaxy Note 7 issues are supposed to solve this exact issue. A Samsung spokesperson was not immediately available to provide comment.