The Galaxy Note 5 is almost guaranteed to showcase Samsung’s latest stylus technology, but we still don’t really know what to expect from the upgraded S Pen. Thankfully, a fresh leak on Amazon may reveal the company’s plans.

The images, which come from smartphone case-maker Ringke, show what looks like a redesigned S Pen inside the Galaxy Note 5. The stylus appears to be totally flush with the rest of the device, unlike previous models that feature a small groove so you could yank the thing out. It’s unclear what (if anything) this means, though a few distinct possibilities come to mind.

Samsung’s new S Pen could auto-eject on command. A recent patent filed by the company hinted at this technology, describing a system where you could activate the stylus with a gesture or even a voice command. It’s also possible the upgraded S Pen will pop out when you push down on it.

Of course, it’s just as likely Ringke simply made a mistake or based its case design on some incorrect information. Still, we’re definitely expecting Samsung to introduce some sort of S Pen upgrade with the Galaxy Note 5. At the very least the company should have some new stylus software to show off, even if the hardware doesn’t really change.