The Galaxy Note smartphone series isn’t just about cutting edge specs and giant screens. It’s also about the S Pen. Now, with the Galaxy Note 5 reveal just around the corner, Samsung seems to be teasing some big improvements for its powerful stylus.

Unfortunately, Samsung doesn’t offer any specifics on how the S Pen might improve. Instead, the company has written up a history of writing tools all the way from ancient calligraphy brushes to its own digital stylus. We also get a quick overview of what the current S Pen can do along with the promise that the technology will continue to evolve moving forward. The tease was done in the same way Samsung hinted at an improved camera on the Galaxy S6, which definitely didn’t disappoint.

We hope Samsung makes the S Pen easier to remove from the device. Some rumors have suggested a new function is in the works, but we don’t know any details yet. You can also count on some new software and a better writing experience overall.

Samsung looks set to unveil the Galaxy Note 5 next week on August 13, so it probably won’t be long before you can get your hands on the new phablet and its updated S Pen. We’re also expecting to see the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus revealed at the same event, though rumor has it the curved-screen smartphone won’t pack a stylus of its own.