Samsung has begun rolling out a pair of software updates for variants of the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge+ which promise to improve performance and deliver the latest security patches for Android. The update also brings back the Note 5’s text detection feature.

The updates comes with build number N920GUBU2AOK3 on the Note 5, and it currently reaching the SM-N920C and SM-N920G variants of the device. The S6 edge+ update comes with build number G928IDVU2AOK8, and it is reaching the SM-G928C and SM-G928G variants.

On all four handsets, the update improves performance, and delivers Google’s November 2015 security patches. On the SM-N920G variant of the Note 5 — and both models of the S6 edge+ — is also brings battery life optimizations that should improve drain.

Note 5 users will also notice that OCR, the text detection feature built into Smart Select, has also returned. Samsung has also eliminated an issue that could cause the device to lag after its display has been woken up.

If you have one of the Galaxy variants listed above, you should be receiving this update over-the-air or via Samsung’s KIES app imminently if you haven’t already. You can search for it manually from within the software update section of the Settings app.