The Galaxy Note 5 boasts Samsung’s most advanced S Pen yet, offering new features and an updated design. Unfortunately, it looks like the new stylus could also feature a pretty bad design flaw.

It turns out that sliding the S Pen into the phone in the wrong direction is pretty easy with the Note 5. There’s no resistance, though, once you push the stylus in, getting it out can be tricky. It also apparently breaks the device’s auto-detection feature, meaning your Note 5 won’t know when the S Pen is in or out.

The issue was spotted online by Android Police and quickly confirmed in a YouTube video. “Breaking this was extremely easy,” says site editor David Ruddock. The S Pen actually gets stuck inside the Note 5 during the video, and can’t be removed.

It’s unclear how big of an issue this really is. Will tons of people really slide the S Pen in backwards and demand a replacement Note 5 from Samsung? Ruddock notes that previous Note smartphones included some built-in resistance to avoid this exact issue, so clearly it’s something the company considered for past devices.

Own a Note 5? Be careful with that S Pen.