There doesn’t seem to be any question that we’re speeding toward the release of the Galaxy Note 5, and these newest images make it seem like it will truly be any day now.

New images of a Galaxy Note 5 prototype obtained by GimmickMag show that the phone is definitely closing in on being done. This particular unit appears to be running a pretty finalized version of the software and even features an AT&T app. We’re not sure if that is part of the preloaded software or something added by whomever obtained this unit, but it is interesting all the same.

What is most telling in these two new pictures is it seems to lay to rest the rumors that the Galaxy Note 5 would have some sort of auto-ejecting mechanism for the S-Pen. It seems pretty clear the stylus is remaining where it has been and will still require you to use a fingernail to pull it out. Some renderings have even shown the phone with a completely flush S-Pen, but seeing as this is a physical unit it seems a bit more believable that this will be what we see when the phone is released.

Rumors have indicated that Samsung will announce the phone as soon as mid-August, well ahead of its usual announcement at the IFA trade show in Berlin in Sept. With all of the leaks happening as of late that does indeed seem likely.

Thanks to Softtechgeek for the tip.