Samsung gave fans in the U.S. the opportunity to pre-order its new Galaxy Note 5 just hours after its official unveiling last Thursday, and now a lucky bunch are already seeing their new devices being shipped and delivered early.

Although you can already pre-order the Note 5 — and Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 edge+ — they don’t officially launch until August 21. It seems, however, that various carriers in the U.S. are ignoring Samsung’s launch plans and sending the Note 5 out early anyway.

“Over in our Note 5 forums, dozens of members have already placed their orders from various carriers and have received shipping notices — a lucky few have even already received their Note 5s, reports Android Central.

If you’ve pre-ordered a Note 5, then, you might want to check on its shipping status, because it would appear there’s a good chance it will arrive before its official launch date — and you certainly won’t want to miss it when it turns up on your doorstep.