Samsung Galaxy Note 4-13

Tired of the Galaxy Note 4's Quad HD display? I'm sure that thought hasn't crossed many minds considering how beautiful the device's screen is, but Samsung feels it can climb to the top of the spec mountain with an even higher resolution Galaxy Note 5.

According to PhoneArena's tipster, the Korean company is on pace to produce a 5.9-inch Ultra HD Super AMOLED display for next year's model. That means owners would have a 700+ ppi display in their pockets, trouncing the 515ppi of the existing model.

PhoneArena doesn't supply much information aside from saying the screens will be mass produced next August, and there isn't even confirmation the Note 5 will be the lucky recipient of such a high resolution screen. But Samsung has hinted at UHD smartphone displays in the past, while other manufacturers, such as LG, have said 600ppi and 700ppi displays are feasible in the near future. The August timing also lines up nicely and sits just ahead of Samsung's typical Note refresh. Who knows, maybe next year will be when we start seeing a wave of 4K smartphones, though we're only just getting used to the 2K standard.

If any manufacturer is going to make such a drastic leap in screen resolution, you can bet Samsung will be in that conversation. Samsung has seen a slight dip in market performance in mobile over the past few quarters, and it sounds like the company already has big plans to change that. Will crazy 4K displays be part of the equation? The rumors say yes. QHD and even 1080p is still plenty for smaller smartphone displays, though that doesn't seem like it's enough for Samsung, which is always on a relentless pursuit for bigger and better.