We have a pretty solid idea of what to expect when Samsung takes the stage in New York City on August 13, when we’re almost certain it will unveil the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. Plenty of photos have already told us much of the story, but one feature we weren’t expecting just popped up.

According to certification documents in Malaysia, Samsung will ship a special variant of the Galaxy Note 5 with support for dual-SIM card slots. That’s more popular in emerging markets where folks might use two lines with a single phone; in some situations two people might share a single device, for example.


Mdroid spotted the certification document and suspects that Samsung will cater to markets such as Russia, Malaysia and China with the phone, which might launch under the “Galaxy Note 5 Duos” moniker. This is a bit surprising, however, given that some earlier reports suggested Samsung would initially limit the Galaxy Note 5 to markets where it knows the phone is already successful, such as Korea and the United States.

If such a variant indeed exists, we doubt Samsung will mention it during its main event. Instead, it will probably get a quieter launch in the aforementioned markets.