The Galaxy Note 5 is still a bit of a mystery, at least when it comes to design. We haven’t actually seen any photos of the device leak so far, but a new batch of renders may reveal how Samsung plans to tweak the design of its upcoming phablet.

French blog NoWhereElse has managed to get its hands on the schematics for a Galaxy Note 5 case. Now that may not be the best source material out there, but it’s possible the accessory-maker is working off official information. So let’s see what we can learn from the new leak.

Overall, it looks like the Galaxy Note 5 will borrow a few ideas from the Galaxy S6. The device’s speaker has been moved from the back of the device to the bottom edge. Meanwhile, the flash module now sits to the right of the rear camera, rather than beneath it. We’re also expecting Samsung to incorporate more metal and glass into the design; there’s no way to confirm that based on these images, but the one suggests the front will look similar to the Galaxy S6.

According to earlier reports, the Galaxy Note 5 will come with some powerful new hardware as well. That includes an even bigger 5.98-inch Quad HD display, a 4100mAh battery, a new Exynos 7422 processor and a USB-C port. We’re also expecting an upgraded S Pen and built-in support for wireless charging.

Samsung isn’t expected to reveal the Galaxy Note 5 until September, though we’ve heard a rumors the device could arrive a bit earlier in August. Either way, it may not be long before some images of the actual device begin to leak out so check back soon.