A new benchmark published by AnTuTu shows us that, if accurate, Samsung’s expected Galaxy Note 5 will be the leading performer among Android smartphones. That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise if you’ve been following along with the rumored specs and benchmarks of today’s most powerful devices.

PhoneArena spotted the benchmark, noting a score of 69,702 notched up by its rumored Exynos 7420 processor. That makes sense given the Galaxy S6 currently leads AnTuTu’s rankings with a score of 67,520, and would essentially place the Galaxy Note 5 as the leader among Android smartphones in terms of raw performance.

Things start to get a bit interesting with the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus which, according to the benchmark, scored 68,345. That’s still better than the Galaxy S6 and suggests that it will include the same processor as the Galaxy Note 5 but, as PhoneArena also points out, perhaps a bit less than the 4GB of RAM expected for the Galaxy Note 5.

Some rumors as recent as last month had suggested the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus might instead include a Snapdragon 808 chip, though it seems unlikely given the high score it received in the benchmark.

Samsung is expected to announce both new smartphones on Aug. 13 during a press event in New York City, when we’ll get a better idea of the chips under the hood.