Verizon customers have a bevy of devices to choose from, but in the mix is the exclusive DROID Turbo, which we consider to be one of mobile’s best phones. Do you value incredible battery? Of course you do, which is why the Turbo is a stellar phone. But if you’re an Android fan, you also have the looming presence of the Note 4 sitting proudly on the Verizon pedestal. Samsung’s monster device is without question among the top tier in the smartphone conversation, which is really giving us conflicting emotions in today’s battle.

Although the specs are largely the same, the Note 4 and DROID Turbo couldn’t be any different. For starters, the software on the Turbo is uninhibited by bloat (manufacturer bloat; carrier is another issue), while the Note 4 is slathered in Samsung’s TouchWiz. But, wait, TouchWiz has its merits despite its unpleasant appearance. Combined with the S Pen, Samsung’s phone is an incredibly powerful workhorse, one in which business folk and students alike can find endless use from. You won’t quite get that power from the Turbo, though you do get access to some really smart Motorola tweaks.

However, the Turbo is notable for its tremendous battery life, which has become an increasingly important feature in today’s landscape. Sure, it’s nice to have a sharp screen, the latest specs, and premium design, but none of that really matters if your phone can’t make it through a full work day. The DROID Turbo can—and then some. The Note 4 is no slouch, but it can’t quite match the longevity of Motorola’s beast.

It goes back and forth like this between the two devices, and it ultimately depends on how you see yourself using a phone. If Mom needs a simple experience that has enough power to get her through multiple days, then the Turbo is the way to go. However, the Note 4, when looked at from both a technical and usability perspective, ultimately comes out on top. In addition to the usefulness of the S Pen, it features a terrific design, great camera and enough juice to push you through a particularly busy day.

For a more in-depth look at these two phones, check out the video above.

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