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With the Galaxy Note 4 expected to launch in September rumors surrounding the upcoming phablet are starting to pour in. We’ve already heard claims the device could feature a three-sided display and an ultra-sound sensor. Now a new report from Sammobile suggests the Note 4 could pack an ultraviolet (UV) sensor as well in an effort to keep you safe from the sun. That’s a feature that could save lives, especially folks who are at risk of skin cancer from UV radiation, a “proven human carcinogen,” according to

The Galaxy S5 comes with a heart-rate monitor on the back just below its camera, but the Galaxy Note 4 could swap out that sensor for a new one. The phablet’s rumored UV sensor is capable of measuring the sun’s radiation to tell you when it’s not safe to stay outside unprotected. You’ll have to hold your device straight up to the sun while it measures UV levels though, so we’re not sure exactly how useful the new feature will be since you’ll need to be out in the sun in the first place — but at least you’ll know when to load up on the sunscreen or if the UV levels are far too dangerous.

We’re also expecting the Galaxy Note 4 to pack a powerful Snapdragon 805 processor and a quad HD display, and Samsung is apparently loading up on other features that will help its phablet stand out against the competition. At least a UV sensor could help save a few lives and help you avoid a nasty sunburn.